Friday, 19 September 2014

6 Amazing Websites with Eye-catching Home Decorating Ideas

Even for professional painters and decorators, design ideas in the home usually come from inspiration and research. We see other interiors we love the look of and borrow from a few of these and possibly add our own unique twist. That’s why doing your homework is important before you choose to renovate, whether it’s a DIY job or you’re getting a commercial painting company to take care of it for you.

At Priority Coatings, we’re constantly researching and looking at new trends in interior style options – not just because we’re interested in the field, but because being in the know and developing fresh ideas helps us help our clients. Our excellent service has made our team of professionals the most trusted commercial painters in Sydney. Here are some of our favourite websites that we frequently visit for ideas and inspiration, we encourage you to take a look too!


Houzz has to be at the top of the list; there’s no shortage of great ideas for the home’s interior here. This covers a wide range of style options from the type of furniture and general décor, too (you guessed it) paint colour ideas and how to match them to create the proper feel you’re after. Browse interiors according to the room, budget and styles from contemporary to Midcentury to Tropical and even converse with other aspiring decorators about the best options. With excellent advice for just about every decorative style you can imagine, you simply have to check out Houzz. We guarantee you’ll find something you love that can inspire you no matter what your tastes are! The Ferrari of home decorating websites. 

This particular website is the Pinterest (which is a great resource for home decorators within itself) of home decorating, with a similarly user-friendly layout that is optimised for quick, image-based browsing. This is a great site to skim over if you aren’t sure what style appeals to you yet. Quick and easy, the website is light on actual advice, but there are some really interesting and wonderful concepts that make it worth a look.


House Beautiful

A blog based website that neatly classifies relevant articles according to various categories including Organizing, Designer Tips, Makeovers, Cleaning Tips, Photo Galleries and more. This website can seem a little dense on the first visit but you’ll soon get your bearings and find what you’re looking for. Some really fun categories like Kitchen of the Month make this a winner and worthy of regular visits.


Interior Dec

There’s something uniquely magazine-like about this particular website. The homepage feels like the cover of a Home magazine, but with more alluring article topics and tips to click on. Covers everything from bed frames to tips on looking after your pet. Relevant to any homeowner not only those passionate about decorating.


Hooked on Houses

Another blog-based website with a slightly less-interactive layout than some of those aforementioned and more focused on a general interest that decoration. Although there some nice designer tips if you search hard enough.


As well as having a huge amount of info on rooms and interior decorating, HGTV also has a pretty handy gardening section. 

As you can see, the resources available in this day and age are countless and we’re sure there are other hidden gems out there that we haven’t even discovered yet! There are plenty of home decorating forums discussions and the like that provide excellent information – it’s all there you’ve just got to find it!

If there are other resources you like to use, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments as it’s likely we’ve missed some. Thanks for reading and good luck with your home painting and decorating project!


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